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16 March 2022

Three exhibitions with different perspectives on the theme “Health”

In 2022, Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary will focus its work on “Health”. In collaboration with, among others, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, the University of Gothenburg, ABF and Rot Produktion, three different exhibitions will be shown at The Urban Gallery Gothenburg. The exhibitions make visiblies and contribute with different perspectives on health: ageing, work and mental health. The Swedish titel for the exhibition is: Snabb. Stark. Årsrik. This Translates into: Fast. Strong. Rich-in-years. In connection with the exhibition periods, a variety of activities will be arranged where the health perspectives are deepened such as seminars, talks and workshops. No Limits by Alex Rotas is the first exhibition to be shown, April 5-September 29.

Photo: Alex Rotas
Anna-Lisa Lind , sledgehammer throwers competing for IFK Lund.

Vernissage at Heden April 5

No Limits, on display at the mobile outdoor gallery The Urban Gallery from  April 5-29 September 2022. The vernissage is done in collaboration with Kulturskolan Göteborg, IFK Friidrott, Age-friendly Gothenburg, the Sports and Association Administration, AgeCap, the University of Gothenburg and Carin Mannheimer’s memorial fund.

Date:  April 5 at 16.00.

Location: Heden, towards the intersection of the streets Södra Vägen/Vasagatan.

Starring: Christian Olsson, journalist; Ingmar Skoog, AgeCap; Bibbi Lind, veteran athlete and Kulturskolan Göteborg.

Read more about the exhibition in the anniversary calendar 

Programs and talks April 4-5

Lunch lecture “New opportunities in old age”, City Library

April 4, 12.00-13.00, Stair stage. Read more on the Gothenburg’s City Library website 

The photographer Alex Rotas, who portrays elite athletes over the age of 60, talks with psychology professor Boo Johansson and Ingmar Skoog, director of AgeCap. What does research say about how ageing has changed? Moderator: Maria Edström, researcher JMG. The conversation is held in English. A collaboration between AgeCap, Carin Mannheimer’s minnesfond and Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary.

Programs and conversations with Alex Rotas, Gothenburg City Library

April 5, 18.00-19.00, Stair stage. Read more on Gothenburg’s City Library website

British photographer and age activist Alex Rotas talks about what drives her to photograph older competitive athletes. Participants: Eva Holmgren, physiotherapist AgeCap and veteran athlete Bibbi Lind. Moderator: Maria Edström, researcher JMG. The conversation takes place in English. A collaboration between JMG, AgeCap, Carin Mannheimer’s minnesfond and Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary.

The photographer Alex Rotas

Alex Rotas hopes that her images will challenge your notions of what we can do as we get older and make you feel more optimistic and happy about this part of life. She likes the tough, but beautiful simplicity of athletics competitions: the athletes are standing at the starting line or are about to complete a jump and the only thing that matters is how fast and strong they are. Alex Rotas wants to capture the physical and mental efforts of the athletes in her photographs as well as the friendship that arises in the warm community where everyone shares the same goal.

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