15 February 2022
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A photography exhibition of elite international track and field athletes over the age of 60, who compete in championship events on the world stage, taken by British photographer Alex Rotas.

Alex Rotas hopes that her photos will challenge your expectations about what we can do as we get older and make you feel more optimistic and joyful about the prospect! She particularly loves the tough but beautiful simplicity of track and field events: the athlete stands at the starting line or facing a jump and it comes down to how fast and how strong they are, nothing else. She hopes she brings their physical and mental endeavour to her photographs as well as the camaraderie they enjoy from being part of a warm-hearted community that shares the same goals.

‘No Limits’ is displayed outdoors at the urban gallery ‘Hela stadens galleri’, a part of Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary project led by Göteborg & Co. In 2022, Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary focuses on public health, and ‘No Limits’ is one of three exhibitions at ‘Hela Stadens Galleri’ with different perspectives on health in 2022.

The exhibition is shown in Gothenburg with the support of AgeCap at the University of Gothenburg and the Carin Mannheimer’s Memorial Fund.

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