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Two million people in Sweden do physical jobs. Without them, society would not function. Their work is necessary 24 hours a day. If they stay at home, Sweden grinds to a halt. They can’t work from home and when the coronavirus pandemic hit, many of them found themselves on the front line in the healthcare system, public transport, retail…

People who do physical work are rarely seen or heard in the media or in the public spaces that we share. We want to change that.

What do you do at work? What are your working conditions like? What is the working environment like? Do you like your job? What does your body feel like after a day at work? What would you like to change? What are you proud of?

Photographer Elisabeth Ohlson and I headed out across Sweden from Kiruna in the north to Malmö in the south, including stop-offs in Västra Götaland and Gothenburg, to talk to industrial workers, shop assistants, port workers, care assistants, cleaners, restaurant workers, warehouse workers… and to film them at work.

In this outdoor exhibition we encounter the stories, told in text and photographs, of the 33 people we met. And QR codes enable us to access recordings and translations in Swedish sign language.

I took the title of the exhibition from the words of Malin Wegge, a care assistant at Gerdas gård, a home for the elderly in Högsbo in Gothenburg: “Those of us who work using our bodies have to come together to make things better for us.”


Annica Carlsson Bergdahl

Photo: Elisabeth Ohlson
Malin Wegge, care assistant, Gothenburg.

Three exhibitions with different perspectives on the theme Health

In 2022, Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary will focus its work on “Health”. In collaboration with, among others, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, the University of Gothenburg, ABF and Rot Produktion, three different exhibitions will be shown at The Urban Gallery Gothenburg. The exhibitions make visiblies and contribute with different perspectives on health: ageing, work and mental health. The Swedish titel for the exhibition is: Snabb. Stark. Årsrik. This Translates into: Fast. Strong. Rich-in-years. In connection with the exhibition periods, a variety of activities will be arranged where the health perspectives are deepened such as seminars, talks and workshops.

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