Jubileumssatsningar / Jubileumsparken in Frihamnen
20 January 2020

While waiting for Frihamnen to be expanded, the citizens of Gotheburg have since 2014 been able to take part in temporary activities in Jubileumsparken. These activities include sailing, sauna bathing, swimming, skating and much more. This is a new way of developing a city – that together with the citizens try out what works before you build something permanently.

Prototypes are replaced by permanent elements

In August 2022, the first permanent part of Jubileumsparken opened. This was Gothenburg’s fifth excursion playground featuring playful sculptures that stand out among many other playgrounds. During Gothenburg’s Anniversary Festival, from June 2nd to June 5th, 2023, the new harbor bath with two saltwater pools and a freshwater pool was inaugurated. Starting in the autumn of 2023, a new permanent sauna will be constructed. It will be placed in the same location and have the same appearance as the current sauna prototype.

The activities in the park are managed by the Passalen in collaboration with the City of Gothenburg. This creates job opportunities for around thirty young adults each year who work as park hosts. Read more about Jubileumsparken at goteborg.se.

Photo: Happy Visuals/Göteborg & Co
The playground in Jubileumsparken.


The playground Utflyktslekparken opened in Jubileumsparken in August 2022. This is a park consisting of about 20 colorful sculptures made for play. All the sculptures have different functions. Some are perfect for climbing on, others are great for balancing on or hiding in. There are also sculptures that are made for more calm activities, inviting you to play with sound, sand and rainwater.

The playground does also offer many grass areas – perfect for picnics or to hang out on.

Photo: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co
The public bath in Frihamnen.

Public Bath

Being able to swim in the middle of the city has been a wish from many citizens of Gothenburg. In 2015, the first pool opened along Kvillepiren in Frihamnen.

During Gothenburg’s Anniversary Festival, a new harbor bath with two saltwater pools and a freshwater pool was inaugurated. Using an entirely new technical solution, the two saltwater pools contain saltwater pumped up from the saltwater basin in the Göta River. The third pool contains freshwater that is naturally purified through a filter bed on land made of sand and gravel. Next to the pools you’ll find changing rooms and toilets.

Photo: Beatrice Törnros
The public sauna in Frihamnen.

Public Sauna

The public sauna in Jubileumsparken is a spectacular building made of recycled material. The sauna was built in 2014 by citizens of Gothenburg together with architects from Raumblabor Berlin.

Starting in the autumn of 2023, a new permanent sauna will be built and replace the prototype. The new sauna will be located in the same spot and have the same appearance as the prototype, with features like reused facade panels.

Photo: Marie Ullnert
Outdoor classroom in Jubileumsparken.

Outdoor Classroom

In 2019, the outdoor classroom “Näsan i blöt” was built. In “Näsan i blöt” you can investigate how water flows and disappears, climb on the climbing wall or take shelter from the weather and wind. The outdoor classroom is built by hundreds of volunteering children and adults under the direction of architects Recetas Urbanas. The outdoor classroom can be used by individuals, schools and preschools.

Photo: Marie Ullnert
Sailing school in Jubileumspaken

Sailing School

A sailing school opened in Frihamnen in 2014, and has been a great success. The sailing school is free, and uses dinghies that can be sailed by anyone, whatever their previous experience or functional ability.

Urban Farming

Are you looking for a spot to grow vegetables, berries or other edibles? Then you should apply for a membership in the association Jubileumsodlarna. They are in charge of a couple of garden boxes, which they lend out to their members.


Jubileumsparken embraces the water, and offers open spaces and builds bridges between people. This is a meeting place that features biological diversity and proximity to the water. The park is gradually being developed in close cooperation with businesses, schools and citizens of Gothenburg. Water from the river’s saltwater wedge is channelled up, providing a clean, sustainable bathing facility in the heart of the city.

Project owners: Älvstranden Utveckling and the Parks and Landscapes Administration

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