Jubileumssatsningar / Urban Gallery of Gothenburg
16 May 2019

The Urban Gallery of Gothenburg provides an opportunity for people from different parts of the city to meet and communicate. The mobile gallery is constantly showing various exhibitions at different places all over Gothenburg, and will be active throughout the years up to 2021.


100 Places, 10 Illustrators – One City

“100 Places, 10 illustrators – One City” is an exhibition showcasing illustrations of buildings and places in all of Gothenburg’s districts, selected by residents and then drawn by local illustrators. The exhibition is produced by the association Göthenburgo in collaboration with the Gothenburg city districts ahead of Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary in 2021. A total of 100 illustrations are shown at The Urban Gallery of Gothenburg . First, they were displayed on Milleniumplatsen outside Stora Teatern from mid-August 2020.

Now they can be seen at ten different places around Gothenburg:

1-5                    Östra Göteborg: Kviberg Serneke Arena
6-10                  Örgryte-Härlanda: Kulturhuset Kåken, Härlanda Park
11-15                Västra Hisningen: Friskväderstorget
16-20                Västra Göteborg: Opaltorget
21-25                Norra Hisningen: Selma Lagerlöfs Torg
26-30                Majorna-Linné: Stigbergstorget
31-35                Lundby: Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen, Backaplan
36-40                Centrum: Dr Fries torg
41-45                Askim-Frölunda-Högsbo: Positivparken
46-50                Angered: Blå Stället


Young Art

As part of the Knowledge and Enlightenment theme for 2019 the district administrations was committed to showcase Young Art at the Urban Gallery of Gothenburg, created by those who should have the biggest influence in the city – children and young people. Art and aesthetics are complementary disciplines on the road to experience and knowledge. Young Art was an exhibition produced by Gothenburg School of Arts, which has over 8,000 students between the ages of 6 and 19, and has schools in every district. The Young Art exhibition opened
during the Kulturnatta evening of culture and comprised 100 art works across the city, created by children and young people under the guidance of teachers from Gothenburg School of Arts. The art works were inspired by the theme of the 2019 anniversary initiative: Knowledge and Enlightenment. By giving children and young people a place in the public space we wanted to raise the profile of art and show that we take their creative ideas seriously.

Photo: Marie Ullnert
The exhibition of Young Art during Kulturnatta.


Min Resa

“Min resa” (‘My Journey’) is the common thread behind this exhibition; a story, a picture, a human being. All the people you met in The Urban Gallery of Gothenburg have been given free rein to interpret the idea of its journey in their own way. For all 100 stories, there was an invitation for you as a viewer to share your journey through the hashtag #minresagbg. In this way, we tried to create a dialogue about our travels on a global level, as the whole world lives and meets here in Gothenburg.

Exhibition: Volvo Ocean Race 2018, Frihamnen June 14-18 in 2018.

The Urban Gallery of Gothenburg showing the exhibition "Min resa" (´My Journey´) at Frihamnspiren during the Volvo Ocean Race 2018.
The exhibition 'My journey' at the the culture entre Blå stället in the district Angered.
The exhibition 'My journey' at the the Museum of World Culture in central Gothenburg.

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