The selection is, of course, subjective, but with good motivation and highly readable. The works of some of these authors are in the past, at times forgotten, other works are often read and immensely popular, some authors are just starting out and some are well established and active. Each author/work is presented by knowledgeable people.

The following authors are included: Bengt Anderberg (1920–2008), Evert Taube (1890–1976), Marie Hermanson (f. 1956), Jeanna Oterdahl (1879–1965), Olivia Bergdahl (b. 1989), Gidein Martins (1882–1938), Claes Hylinger (b. 1943), Ove Allansson (1932–2016), Johannes Anyuru (b. 1979).

Nine authors are included in the series One Hundred Years in Gothenburg. The book is illustrated.

Gudrun Nyberg is the editor of the book, as well as of the whole series One Hundred Years in Gothenburg. Nyberg is a physician, professor emeritus, author of several popular science books and she lives in Gothenburg. The ambitious series One Hundred Years in Gothenburg stems from Nyberg’s own initiative.


Gudrun Nyberg (editor)


Carlsson Bokförlag

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Format: 215 x 233 x 20 Number of pages: 213 Genre: Non-fiction ISBN: 9789173318945

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