How did they come about, were they geographically located in the expanding city, what were the inventions that resulted in goods? And what did the premises look like, the work environment, which people served their bread there? Women and men? Did they have a life outside the factories as well?

Thousands of people had their livelihood there. The management consisted of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. Now they have largely turned into history: they have been closed down, disappeared, bought up and entered into larger industries. However, a few products survive. In insightful texts and in fantastic visual material, the reader gets an insight into the time when it went.

Writers are Wanda Klintberg, associate professor at Chalmers, former head of administration at Malmö University and author Gudrun Nyberg is professor emeritus of medicine, author of a number of cultural history books and editor-in-chief of and creator of the series “Hundred years in Gothenburg”, Johannes Daun, Ph.D. . and historians contribute an independent background drawing to the city’s industries.


Wanda Klintberg, Gudrun Nyberg, Johannes Daun


Carlsson Bokförlag

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Format: 215 x 233 x 20 Number of pages: 280 Genre: Non-fiction ISBN: 9789173319744



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