International star players were created. The world’s largest youth football tournament in football is played here. Innebandy was invented in the city. The world’s first synthetic 400 metre ice rink was constructed with master skaters as a result. Ice hockey has conquered the ice and also a high-profile position. Over the years boxing has also fostered brilliant athletes with the world champion Ingo, Ingemar Johansson in focus, now also with skilled female representatives.

Many insightful sports researchers as well as academic specialists and sports journalists have written about all this and gymnastics, children’s, and youth sports as well as school teams, the so-called Damolympiaden in 1926 and much more. The book is comprehensive in its unique description, not least about the development of sports from hobby to a work, about athletes, enthusiasts, team spirit and health. The rich image material underlines the development of arenas and pitches, halls, and gymnasiums, in the stands and at the ringside for one hundred years in Gothenburg.

The book’s editors and co-authors are the experienced sports journalist Cege Berglund, also editor of the Gothenburg Sports Museum annual yearbook, Idrottsvarvet, and Gudrun Nyberg, professor emeritus, author, and editor in chief of the whole unique series “One hundred years in Gothenburg”.


Cege Berglund and Gudrun Nyberg (editor)


Carlsson Bokförlag

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Format: 215 x 233 x 25 Number of pages: 345 Genre: Non-fiction ISBN: 9789173319485



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