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4 November 2020
Sketch: New Order Arkitektur, Patrik Bengtsson and EKTA

The play sculpture, designed by the artitsts Daniel (EKTA) and Patrik Bengtson in collaboration with the architectural firm New Order, will challenge and encourage play that is unique to the place, create curiosity and stimulate the imagination. Artistic play and sound sculptures, fabulous animals, seashells, climbing towers and sponges that collect rainwater and more traditional play equipment such as swings ans sandboxes will be built.

Sketch: New Order Arkitektur, Patrik Bengtsson and EKTA

Green clearings for Movement, Recreation and Biodiversity

By the playground there will be green clearings for picnic, barbeque, movement and recreation. To promote biodiversity, different types of plantations will be planted.

For those who do not want to settle on the ground, furniture inspired by the place’s history and its industrial connection will be placed in the park.

Trees From Västlänken Move Back To the City

The clearings are framed by trees and shrubs in different sizes. About thirty of these are trees that have been temporarily moved from the city before the construction of Västlänken. They will get new places in the Cenentary Park next year. The park will also handle rainwater.

New Servicebuildings And Renovated Sauna

In 2021, new service buildings with toilets, changing rooms, staff and technology rooms will also be built and preparations will be made to be able to connect a floating harbor bath. In addition, the existing sauna will be renovated to become a permanent part of the park.

The Cenentary Park will be open in parts to receive visitors throughout the construction period. Read more about Cenentary Park at goteborg.se/jubileumsparken.

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