Jubileumssatsningar / Anna Ihrén
9 February 2023

In the successful Jubilee Series, Anna Ihrén pays tribute to her city of birth Gothenburg. Nattvakten, Maskmakaren, Mästaren and finally newly published Guldstaden follows police officers Dennis and Sandra as they take on cases during the preamble to Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary. The beloved characters had their start in Ihren’s previous successful series Morden på Smögen, which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies.


A politician is found frozen inside of an ice sculpture, and a missing woman leads Dennis to Rembrandt’s painting The Night Watch, which is on display in Amsterdam. But how do the two cases really connect?


Sandra and Dennis are trying to solve the murder of a successful businessman, and mask maker Louis is anxious about opening night of The Phantom of the Opera, as the masks he creates seems to bring bad luck. Could the masks have something to do with the murder of the businessman?


Building contractor Ernst Rosbäck is found dead at the top of Gothenburg’s first skyscraper, and the police still haven’t found any traces of his granddaughter who has been missing for months. The progress of the case is halted by the viral disease Covid-19 spreading through Europe.


A newly immigrated boy from Ukraine is found dead in one of the city’s most disadvantaged areas. The murder generates a clickable header which brings to light the police’s failed attempts at stopping gang crime. At the same time, Sandra gets to know her slightly special new neighbour, who listens to her in a new way and makes her laugh. But is all that glimmers really gold?

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