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4 January 2022

This includes the following:

  • Inspire and engage more people to together contribute to making Gothenburg an even better and more prosperous city by inviting a wide range of actors within the city, region, business and civil society.
  • Shed light on the theme of health by showcasing and making actors’ initiatives and activities available through the anniversary calendar and other communication channels.
  • Have own activities within the theme of health.


To feel good is about more than the absence of illness. Exercise, beautiful music, safety, good food, community – health can be so many different things. Good health is a prerequisite for a prosperous society characterized by trust. A society where we can reach our full potential. It is about balance and living in harmony with ourselves, each other and the world we have. Culture can have a healing and unifying power. When we are in love or when we move, endorphins are released. And a single “how are you” or a safe embrace to rest in can change everything.

At the same time, we have challenges. The widespread mental illness among young people is the disease of civilization of our time. The pandemic has created isolation and loneliness and there is still a big difference in life expectancy between different areas in Gothenburg. Our experiences of and opportunities for good health simply look different. There are challenges, but we also know that there is a strong will and drive to face them together. We are many who work for Gothenburg to continue to be a fantastic city with hope, faith in the future and well-being.

Welcome to contribute to make Gothenburg an even better city!

Contact Annika Lotzman Sandelind, process manager Focus 2022: Health.

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