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13 November 2022

Who Can Become an Anniversary Partner?

Anyone can apply to become an anniversary partner, whether you want to create an anniversary activity or whether you want to produce an anniversary product. Projects can Gothenburg’s anniversary celebrations in 2023.

A list of existing anniversary partners can be found here.

Criteria for Becoming an Anniversary Partner:

  • An anniversary partner runs a project with a clear connection to Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary.
  • An anniversary partner shares the 400th anniversary values, with the following vision: Gothenburg shall have an international reputation as a bold role model for sustainable growth. We are an innovative, open and inclusive city where all residents feel a sense meaning and participation.
  • An anniversary partner has full responsibility, in both practical and financial terms, for the planning, production, marketing, sales and implementation of their own projects and productions.
  • An anniversary partner is responsible for sales and sales channels.
  • An anniversary partner must communicate its projects and activities as part of Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary using communication tools provided by the 400th anniversary, and an actor with an anniversary product should ideally communicate via the actual product.
  • An actor with an anniversary product must engage in dialogue with Göteborg & Co before the product is produced/printed.
    An anniversary partner is responsible for activating themselves in the anniversary calendar, which is part of the goteborg2023.com website.
    Göteborg & Co assumes that the anniversary partner will work in a sustainable manner and will comply with legislation.

What an Anniversary Partner Receives from Göteborg & Co:

  • An invitation to major anniversary meetings (physical/digital), to which all participants in the 400th anniversary are invited.
    Information about the anniversary partner will be posted on the 400th anniversary website together with other anniversary projects.
  • Access to the anniversary’s communication tools such as the anniversary stamp, texts, images, etc., which should be used in the anniversary partner’s communications within their own channels.
  • The opportunity to post their anniversary activities in the searchable anniversary calendar at goteborg2023.com.
  • The 400th anniversary collects information about all anniversary products at goteborg2023.com, with references and links to the anniversary partner’s own sales channel.
    Contact 2023@goteborg.com to apply or to find out more. We look forward to your involvement in Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary!

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