Jubileumssatsningar / A more accessible archipelago
21 January 2020

About A more accessible archipelago

The work has, among other things, resulted in several departures with the boat M/S Kungsö, which goes to and from Stenpiren in central Gothenburg with stops in Eriksberg and various islands. The tours run both during the summer, as well as spring and autumn. The project takes place in collaboration between various actors, such as the stadsdelsnämnden in Västra Göteborg, Öckerö municipality, Göteborg & Co, Västtrafik and Styrsöbolaget.

The goal is for it to be easy to reach the sea and the archipelago. More Gothenburg citizens should have access to the archipelago and those living in the archipelago should have more choices among transports to the city centre. This creates opportunities and growth in both tourism and other industries.

Go to goteborg.com for inspiration, tips and guides to the archipelago!

Anniversary tours to Gothenburg’s archipelago during Gothenburg’s Anniversary Celebration 2023

As part of the anniversary anniversary project A more accessible archipelago, Styrsöbolaget arranged nine tours from Stenpiren to some of the islands in the archipelago. During the trip, there was a guide on board who told you more about the archipelago and Gothenburg’s history, and the islands offered extra activities such as festive receptions, open restaurants and shops.

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