Jubileumssatsningar / Exhibitions
8 June 2023

On the occasion of the 400th anniversary, several exhibitions have been created by and about Gothenburg. For example, the Gothenburg Sport Museum displays club pins and medals that were collected for Gothenburg ahead of the 300th anniversary. The Hasselblad Center celebrates the 400th anniversary with an exhibition about the importance of photography for how we experience and form knowledge about the world around us. River City Gallery has invited artists to create on the common theme of Gothenburg. And the Göteborgs stadsmuseum lets us take part in a mystery surrounding a silver heart that was found in 1916 in a grave in Nya Lödöse, Gothenburg’s predecessor.

The urband gallery of Gothenburg

The urban gallery of Gothenburg is a mobile outdoor gallery and a place for thousands of voices and images that reflect contemporary Gothenburg. The gallery sprung from a joint idea from all city areas to strengthen all parts of the entire city. The exhibitions that have been shown have created opportunities to meet and communicate with each other from different corners of the city and thereby bond in joint projects.

Song of My People

“The Song of My People” is a project where 300 citizens of Gothenburg have been photographed while they sing. The pictures, which are 135×90 cm in size, adorn all four pillars on the Hisingsbron from May to August 2023 as part of the anniversary celebrations. The concept comes from the French artist JR and has so far been implemented in 149 countries. To find participants, advertising was done on Facebook, the project’s website and out in town. Everyone who wanted to could join.

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