6 October 2023

Västra Nordstan

Since the founding of Gothenburg in 1621, this district has been at the center of events and is the historical heart of the city. The area still bears the marks of history with its narrow streets, and culturally significant buildings.

Starting in 2016, Higab has completed an extensive development project based on the principles of sustainability, innovation, and tradition. The goal was to create a vibrant and safe neighbourhood where the focus and offerings of businesses are driven by sustainability and provide a contrast and complement to the offerings at the shopping centre Nordstan. This development included activities such as bringing the area to life through public events, highlighting pedestrian routes, and adapting ground-level spaces for cafes, restaurants, or other public activities. The development project is named Västra Nordstan Revival.

Photo: from The Museum of Gothenburg, likely an 1787 watercolor painting by Elias Martin.


The park Seminarieparken in Annedal originally dates back to the 1860s when it served as a school garden. In 2022-2023, Higab renovated Seminarieparken with the goal of creating the world’s best park for rainy weather in collaboration with Rain Gothenburg. This is achieved by combining history, tradition, and innovation, where the natural water in the park is used in various ways. For example, there will be a rain pavilion where you can stay dry and at the same time, enjoy the rain in a joyful manner.

Photo: Higab/Bert Leandersson

Kulturhuset Bergsjön

In 2013, the Gothenburg City Council made the decision to build a cultural center at Rymdtorget in Bergsjön to promote social sustainability and integration. SWECO Architects were responsible for the design, and Higab constructed the cultural center, which was inaugurated in 2022. Here you can enjoy facilities such as a library, café, meeting room, music studio, and studios for artists. Simultaneously, alongside the construction, Higab, in collaboration with the Navet association and other local stakeholders, worked to create a cultural trail from the tram stop to the new cultural center.

Photo: Higab/Hans Ekestang


As part of the anniversary project, Higab has chosen to highlight three projects that represent different times, different places, and different activities in Gothenburg. A new construction project – Kulturhuset Bergsjön, a park – Seminarieparken, and the revitalization of the historical heart of the city – Västra Nordstan. The goal of this anniversary project is to collaboratively create attractive, accessible, and vibrant environments, meeting places, and tourist destinations.

Project owner: Higab


Cina Gasparini, Developer of Cultural Environments at Higab

Phone: 031-368 53 92, email: cina.gasparini@higab.se

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