Jubileumssatsningar / Råda Församling
14 April 2022


HelaDig! is a concept where issues of mental / existential, social, physical, or green health can be addressed, as well as the climate or environment’s impact on humans or sustainable development. In the spring of 2022, HelaDig! and Råda församling invites you to a lecture series on mental illness.

Gröna Rum

Gröna Rum is a Råda församling initiative for recovery in the outdoor environment, a place for activity, recreation and well-being. Gröna Rum will be a spot for people with stress-related health problems, but also an outdoor possibiliyt for increasing the knowledge of different types of health-, environmental- and sustainabilityrelated issues. Gröna Rum offers a beautiful, de-stressing, harmonious and accessible environment.

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Anna-Maria Martén


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