Jubileumssatsningar / Jontefondens Insamlingsstiftelse
4 May 2022

Jontefonden will celebrate their 10-year anniversary in several different ways, including by inviting all of Gothenburg to a family day to draw attention to our cause.

Jontefonden improves quality of life for children in need of a new organ. 24 hours a day, all year round. They fulfill our mission in many different ways to make the child in question’s everyday life a little easier, for example through professional psychological support, emergency telephone service to promote exercise and encourage the transplanted children get out into the fresh air.

Jontefonden creates strong networks through, among other things, extensive camp activities for transplanted young people, mothers, fathers, siblings or for the parents who sadly have lost. The foundation currently works closely with transplant healthcare in Sweden. Specifically with Sahlgrenska, Karolinska and Lund University Hospital which are the hubs for transplantation and aftercare.

In connection with the anniversary year, Jontefonden wants to shed light on the transplantation issue and on what it is like to live while waiting for or with a new organ. They will do this, among other things, through a family day and a digital lecture.

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Christian Ivarsson


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Jontefondens Insamlingsstiftelse
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