Jubileumssatsningar / Prototyping Gothenburg
6 April 2022

The exhibition focuses on solutions and challenges in the city and highlights initiatives that work actively to accelerate sustainable change. Exhibition’s main area is a walking path that stretches from Frihamnen, to Ringön, over Hisingsbron, to the Central area and Kronhuskvarteret, where visitors are guided through an urban landscape in transition. Prototyping Gothenburg is an invitation to participate and contribute to develop the city into a future capable city towards its 500th anniversary. Welcome!

Around the world, work is underway to find new, sustainable, solutions for the cities of the future. The common global goals have been formulated in the UN Agenda 2030 and through the Paris Agreement. The City of Gothenburg has joined the Climate Contract 2030, which is a coming together of Swedish cities towards the common aim and will serve as a tool to increase the pace of change.

Prototyping Gothenburg highlights several ongoing projects, in different scales, with a focus on solutions and challenges in the transformation; The city’s 400 anniversary projects, large-scale constructions, artworks, student works, research projects and initiatives from the public. The exhibition has a special focus on the role of the prototype, the site-specific, on co-creation and the humanistic perspective in the ongoing transformation of cities.

Collaborative construction towards 2023

Prototyping Gothenburg will be built up gradually until 2023 and the work can be followed at www.goteborg2023.com and through social media. We hope that many want to be part of the journey and contribute in various ways to the construction. Subscribe to our newsletter to get information about announcements and other ways to participate. <LINK>

In the program linked to Prototyping Gothenburg, there will be the opportunity to take part in talks and discussions, construction workshops, site visits, lectures, guided tours and much more.

The city as an exhibition

Gothenburg is in the middle of an extensive urban transformation. Preserved, historic buildings and environments coexist with the contemporary and with the future city that is planned and gradually emerges. A variety of built structures, layers, moods, stories, and perspectives together form the growing city.

The main area for Prototyping Gothenburg consists of a walking path that extends on both sides of the river around Hisingsbron. Along the quayside are preserved remains of the port city, which once enabled Gothenburg’s development into a large city. In Frihamnen, the first layer of the emerging new city district has taken form, with the Jubilee Park’s temporary and permanent parts and the start of construction of new central buildings. In recent years, a cluster of creative industries has developed on Ringön, together with the area’s older activities. Around the Central Station, work is underway on Västlänken and the construction of a new high-rise cluster which is of the same scale as Läppstiftet. From there, the walking path extends to the historic parts of the city towards Kronhuskvarteret, which reflects Gothenburg’s development from foundation to the present.

In addition to the main area, the entire city is connected to the exhibition through programs and thematic days in other districts.


The word prototype roughly means “the first form” – a nascent or basic form of something. In the product industry, prototypes have long been used to test and develop new products before they begin mass production. But it is also a valuable tool to work with in construction and urban development. An example in Gothenburg is the Jubilee Park, where various functions have been tested step by step with the help of prototypes developed together with the public. But a prototype does not always have to be a physical object or a place, it can also be about, for example, a process or a form of collaboration. Within the EU’s initiative New European Bauhaus, prototypes are highlighted as an approach to finding new tools, and policy recommendations to accelerate sustainable change in cities.

The work has begun

The work with Prototyping Gothenburg has already begun and a seating riser made out of recycled material has been constructed in Frihamnen. Learn more in the movie below (in Swedish).

Broad collaboration

Prototyping Gothenburg is a collaborative project led by the Gothenburg City Triennial in collaboration with Gothenburg & Co, the city’s administrations and companies, the industry, academia, non-profit associations, and the general public.

Read more about Gothenburg City Triennial here. <LINK>

The exhibition is made possible with the support of several collaborating parties who in various ways
contribute to the implementation. The list below is continuously updated.

Business Region Göteborg

Chalmers tekniska högskola

Dynamo Väst


Göteborg & Co

Göteborgs Universitet

Hammarkullen konsthall



Kretslopp och vatten


Park- och naturförvaltningen

Röhsska museet


Sveriges Arkitekter


Västra Götalandsregionen

Älvstranden Utveckling AB

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Cecilia Helsing
In charge of exhibition

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