Jubileumssatsningar / Gothenburg’s Anniversary Festival
23 December 2022

Let’s celebrate 400 years of Gothenburg!

The Anniversary Festival is part of Gothenburg’s Anniversary Celebration. The whole summer of 2023 will be filled with fun activities and attractions to celebrate our wonderful city’s 400 year old history. But it’s not a celebration without a party, right? That’s what the festival is for! Four days of fun and festivities! This is when Gothenburg locals and visitors will gather in Frihamnen to celebrate together.  

70 000 square metres of festivities

The large festival area will be filled with a variety of quality music, performances, food, dance, activities and much, much more. Three stages will give you everything from pop music and orchestras to dance-bands and rock music. There will also be delicious and interesting food offerings in three areas.

En kvinna står och filmar en konsert utomhus.
Photo: House of Vision

A four day festival

The different days, Friday to Monday, have slightly different themes. Explore which day you just have to be there!

June 2 – Friday

The site opens up! Explore the area, the stages, the food and all the activities. Stay to the evening and see the grand opening concert where Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, The National Orchestra of Sweden, will perform together with several famous pop singers.

June 3 – Saturday

This day is all about dance! There will be all kinds of styles and genres, so don’t worry, you will find something that suits you. Red Bull’s dance competition “Dance Your Style” will guest the festival this day, and you will have the possibility to be a judge when 16 dancers compete to participate in the international competition.

June 4 – Sunday

Gothenburg’s official birthday! June 4 is the day we have a noble and royal celebration – actually with royalty as Sweden’s king and queen will visit Gothenburg. This day will finish off with nothing less than a birthday gala.

June 5 – Monday

The last day of the festival. This day will honour pop and rock music – two genres that have shaped Gothenburg’s music scene and culture.

Even though the festival will be over after this point, the celebration will continue all summer long in different parts of the city. Already, on June 6, Sweden’s National Day will be celebrated with a big concert in the park Slottsskogen.

More info to be announced

The planning is in full swing. News and pieces of the program will be released over the spring, so keep an eye on our website. Follow Gothenburg’s Anniversary Celebration on Instagram here and Facebook here to get the latest news and updates. There, you can also interact in contests, questionnaires, polls and much more.

Frihamnen – located by the water

The festival will take place in Frihamnen, on Hisingen – only a 15 minute walk from the central station. This is an exciting area, where urban development is in full bloom. Historically, Frihamnen has been used as a harbour for banana import and ferry traffic, and is now on its way of becoming part of Gothenburg’s midpoint. In the future, Frihamnen will have apartments and offices for 17 000 people.


There will be an electric ferry going between the festival site and Stenpiren, free of charge. Coming from Hisingsbron, you will be able to take an elevator from the bridge down to the site. Going by public transport, the nearest stop is Frihamnsporten.

Hisingsbron, Jubileumsparken and Ringön

Several larger anniversary projects can be found in Frihamnen. The new bridge Hisingsbron is one of them. Read more about the bridge here. The park Jubileumsparken is also put in place due to the 400th anniversary. Take the opportunity to go for a swim in the harbour pools or play in the unique playground. Read more about Jubileumsparken here. Nearby, you’ll find Ringön – an industrial area which has bloomed with creative businesses. Read more about that anniversary project here.

Have a question about your festival visit?

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions here. If there is any question you don’t find the answer to, write to us on Facebook, Instagram or via 2023@goteborg.com.

When is Gothenburg’s Anniversary Festival?

The festival takes place June 2-5, 2023. It starts on a Friday and finishes on the Monday after. The festival is part of Gothenburg’s Anniversary Celebration which is going to continue the whole summer.

Do I need to buy a ticket?

No ticket is required. The festival is free of charge and open for all.

Is there an age limit?

No, people of all ages are welcome.

How do I get to the festival site?

We recommend walking, biking or taking public transport. The nearest stops are Frihamnsporten and Frihamnen (good to know is that there is a stair up and down to the stop Frihamnen). In addition to this, during the days of the festival, there will be an electric ferry going between Stenpiren and the site, free of charge.

Will I have to pay for anything?

Most activities at the festival will be free of charge and open for all. You will need to pay for food and beverages purchased from the festival’s restaurants.

Who do I contact regarding press and media?

Contact our press officer Charlott Holmåker at charlott.holmaker@goteborg.com.

Didn’t Gothenburg celebrate its 400th anniversary in 2021?

Gothenburg turned 400 the 4th of June, 2021. Due to the pandemic, the big celebration was postponed to 2023. Instead, a formal and digital celebration was carried out on the official birthday, 4th of June, 2021. This summer we will finally celebrate together.

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