Jubileumssatsningar / Gothenburg’s Anniversary Festival
23 December 2022

Thanks for the festival of the century!

What a festival it was! What a start to this summer’s Anniversary celebration! For four days, Frihamnen was filled with music, humour, theatre, circus, try-on activities, but above all – lots of lovely people. Thanks everyone! Now the best summer in 400 years is finally underway.

If you visited the festival, please share your photos, videos and memories with the hashtag #gbg400år and tag @goteborg2023.

The Halo Effect spelar inför storpublik på Utomhusscenen.
DanceRemainings dansar i Omställningslabbet.
Alla deltagare i invigningskonserten med Göteborgs Symfoniker.
Kungaparet åker häst och vagn längs med Kungsportsavenyn.
Hooja sjunger på Utomhusscenen.
En förälder och ett barn är i Tordenskiolds by och provar på en aktivtet.
Översikt över Omställningslabbet.
Europe uppträder på Tältscenen.

Let’s celebrate 400 years of Gothenburg!

The Anniversary Festival is part of Gothenburg’s Anniversary Celebration. The whole summer of 2023
will be filled with fun activities and attractions to celebrate our wonderful city’s 400 year old history.
But it’s not a celebration without a party, right? That’s what the festival is for! Four days of fun and
festivities! This is when Gothenburg locals and visitors will gather in Frihamnen to celebrate

Free entry and open to everyone

Come and experience 70,000 square meters filled with music, entertainment, food, dancing, try-on
activities and much, much more. The festival’s three stages will offer everything from pop music and
symphony orchestras to dance bands and rock. There will also be five large areas with exciting food.

Opening hours for the festival:

Friday 2 June: 3 pm-11 pm
Saturday 3 June: 10 am-11 pm
Sunday 4 June: 10 am-11 pm
Monday 5 June: 11 am-11 pm

Line-up and much more

Every day you can take part in programs from three different stages, enjoy food from five different food areas, try lots of activities, visit the Jubileumsshoppen, take a dip in the harbor pool in Jubileumsparken and much more. Frihamnen is located right by the Hisingsbron and you can easily get here by bicycle, public transport or with the free electric ferry from Stenpiren which takes you directly to the festival area.

June 2 – Friday

3 pm – 11 pm | Try out activities, visit the Anniversary Shop and all food areas. Take part in Prototyping Gothenburg and Jubileumsparken’s own programs.

1 pm – 1.45 pm | Guided tour of the New Harbour Bath

3 pm – 3.10 pm | Cannon tribute by the East Indiaman Götheborg

3 pm – 11 pm | DJ Aron McFaul plays music inspired by, among other things, dub, leftfield pop and percussion-driven house on Soldäcket

3 pm – 10 pm | DJ Nina Natri mixes indie and 80s in Kajskjul 105

3.45 pm – 10 pm | Host Åsa Gustafsson guides the audience in Kajskjul 105 during Friday

4 pm – 4.40 pm | Claes Eriksson and Per Fritzell from Galenskaparna and After Shave will entertain

4.30 pm – 11 pm | Radio profile Morgan Larsson guides the audience on the Tent Stage and the Outdoor Stage on Friday

4.45 pm – 5.45 pm | Franska Trion will perform on the Outdoor Stage

5 pm – 5.45 pm | Circus I love you opens the circus tent and will perform everyday during the festival – book your tickets here. Admission takes place 20 minutes before each performance. You must be there no later than 5 minutes before the start, otherwise your ticket will go to the waiting audience on site.

5 pm – 6 pm | Dockhumor with Björn Carlberg and Petter Lennstrand

6 pm – 7.30 pm | Opening concert on the Tent Stage by the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Hans Ek and the Augustifamiljen with Kapellmeister Stefan Sporsén. Guest artists: Timo Räisänen, Maia Hirasawa, Stefan Andersson, Ebbot Lundberg, Yukimi Nagano/Little Dragon, Vic Vem and Katarina Hemlin. Hosted by Sissela Kyle.

6.30 pm – 7.10 pm | Acclaimed Gothenburg trio KonstAB will entertain in Kajskjul 105

7.45 pm – 9 pm | Vargas & Lagola takes the Outdoor Stage

7.45 – 9.15 pm | Comedians Niklas Andersson, Ina Lundström, Petrina Solange, Henrik Schyffert, Peter Apelgren and Ann Westin occupy Kajskjul 105

9.30 pm – 11 pm | Exclusive concert by legendary Suede on the Tent Stage

10 pm – 11 pm | Hiphop and funk with Emrik & Wefunky Band Ft. ADL and Topsteen in Kajskjul 105

June 3 – Saturday

10 am – 11 pm | Try out activities, visit the Anniversary Shop and all food areas. Take part in Prototyping Gothenburg and Jubileumsparken’s own programs.

11 am – 11 pm | The TV personality Lasse Kronér guides the audience on the Tent Stage and the Outdoor Stage on Saturday

11 am – 11.45 am | Nassim Al Fakir offers energetic music on the Outdoor Stage

12 pm – 1 pm | DJ Combat plays heavy and danceable beats in Kajskjul 105

12.30 pm – 1.30 pm | Ale Möller and Götborg Wind Orchestra performs on the Outdoor Stage

1 pm – 3 pm | Vote for your favorite dancer in the Red Bull Dance Your Style Qualifier Gothenburg in Kajskjul 105

1 pm – 5 pm | DJ Anne plays dancehall, hip hop, afrobeat and much more on Soldäcket

1 pm – 2 pm | Gospel concert in the Tent Stage. Cast: Solid Gospel & Band, Jennifer Brown, Samuel Ljungbladh, Gladys Del Pilar, Sebastian Stakset, Peter Hallström and Michael Jeff Johnson. Hosts: Klara Zimmergren and Britta Hermansson.

1.45 pm – 3.30 pm | The tv presenter and radio reporter Assia Dahir guides the audience in Kajskjul 105 on Saturday

3 pm – 3.45 pm | Learn to dance with Sweden’s best dance school Twisted Feet Dance Academy in Kajskjul 105

3.45 pm – 4.45 pm | Acclaimed singer Sarah Klang takes the Outdoor Stage

4 pm – 10 pm | Energetic and progressive with DJ Kim Öhman in Kajskjul 105

5 pm – 6 pm | Sweden’s own r’n’b queen Cherrie is performing in Kajskjul 105

5 pm – 11 pm | DJ Local Arms & Vilhelm plays British dance music on Soldäcket

5 pm – 8 pm | Arvingarna, Linda Bengtzing, Christer Sjögren, Appearance, Hasse Andersson and Elisa Lindström offer a three-hour dance and schlager party on the Tent Stage.

7 pm – 7.45 pm | Drums meet electronic rhythms with Bongo Riot GBG in Kajskjul 105

8.15 pm – 9.15 pm | Danny Saucedo performs on the Outdoor Stage

8.30 pm – 9 pm | Playful lyrics with Raghd in Kajskjul 105

9.30 pm – 11 pm | Concert with Sigrid on the Tent Stage – one of Norway’s biggest singers

10 pm – 11 pm | The hip-hop duo Deki Alem is performing in Kajskjul 105

June 4 – Sunday

10 am – 11 pm | Try out activities, visit the Anniversary Shop and all food areas. Take part in Prototyping Gothenburg and Jubileumsparken’s own programs.

11 am – 6.45 pm | Actress Marianne Mörck guides the audience on the Tent Stage and the Outdoor Stage on Sunday

11 am – 11.45 am | Pappa Kapsyl performs on the Outdoor Stage

11.30 am – 11.45 am | The Swedish royal couple visit Gothenburg

11.45 am – 12.45 pm | The dance show Hovet is shown

11.45 am – 6.15 pm | Drag queen and host Cherry Wilder guides the audience in Kajskjul 105 on Sunday

11.45 am – 5 pm | The glittering drag queen and DJ Bebulah plays in Kajskjul 105

12.00 pm – 12.45 pm | Hellmans Drengar intar Kajskjul 105

12.30 pm – 1.30 pm | Bohuslän Big Band takes the Outdoor Stage together with Ida Sand and Nils Landgren

1 pm – 2 pm | Circus I love you invites you to a performance in the circus tent/Masten

1 pm – 6 pm | DJ Demonika plays the best from different music genres and Gothenburg’s music scene on Soldäcket

1.30 pm – 2.30 pm | The singer Albin Lee Meldau will be one of this year’s Lasse Dahlquist scholarship recipients

1.45 pm – 2.15 pm | The dance show Hovet is shown on the square

2.30 – 3.30 | The popular Syrian-Armenian singer Lena Chamamyam takes the Outdoor Stage

3 pm – 3.15 pm | Official opening of the New Harbor Bath and Jubilee Park

3.15 pm – 4 pm | The Gothenburger and pop artist Paula Jivén is performing in Kajskjul 105

3.45 pm – 5.15 pm | Party and gala concert with the Gothenburg Opera House and anniversary speech by H.M. The King of Sweden on the Tent Stage. Cast: Conductor Aivis Greters, Lotta Lundgren, Ane Brun and Katarina Hemlin

4 pm – 4.30 pm | The dance show Hovet is shown on the square

5 pm – 6 pm | The theater Hur ska det gå för Babette? is shown in the circus tent

5 pm – 6 pm | The quartet Dina Ögon performs in Kajskjul 105

6 pm – 6.45 pm | The popular duo Hooja takes the Outdoor Stage

Way Out West takes over the evening at the festival

7 pm – 7.45 pm | Alex G will perform in Kajskjul 105

7.30 pm – 8.30 pm | The band Amason will perform on the Tent Stage

8.30 pm – 9.30 pm | Award-winning Gothenburg rapper Parham will perform on the Outdoor Stage

8.45 pm – 9.30 pm | The shooting american star d4vd are performing in Kajskjul 105

9.30 pm – 11 pm | First Aid Kit will take the Tent Stage

9.30 pm – 11 pm | Forward-thinking and bass-oriented rhythms with DJ Jamie Hudson in Kajskjul 105

June 5 – Monday

11 am – 11 pm | Try out activities, visit the Anniversary Shop and all food areas. Take part in Prototyping Gothenburg and Jubileumsparken’s own programs.

11.30 am – 10.45 pm | Children’s favorite Angelika Prick guides the audience on the Tent Stage and the Outdoor Stage on Monday

11.45 am – 1 pm | Choir and string concert with Kulturskolan on the Outdoor Stage

12 pm – 12.40 pm | Sally and the Sally’s ballet with Maria Lundqvist in Kajskjul 105

12.45 pm – 11 pm | The host Fortesa Hoti guides the audience in Kajskjul 105

1 pm – 1.45 pm | Environmentally conscious and multi-talented artist Emil Jensen performs in Kajskjul 105

1 pm – 2 pm | Circus I love you is shown in the circus tent/Masten

1.45 pm – 5.15 pm | DJ Karin Forsmark mix genres in Kajskjul 105

2 pm – 4 pm | Rix FM Festival has a sneak premiere at the Tent Stage with artists such as Marcus & Martinus, Joel Corry, Smith & Thell, Icona Pop, Peg Parnevik, Theoz, Dotter and Maria Sur

2.30 pm – 3 pm | Punky, poetic, melancholic and joyful pop music with Kulturlabbets Poporkester in Kajskjul 105

3 pm – 5 pm | DJ Sonja plays hip hop, pop, soul and reggae on Soldäcket

4 pm – 4.45 pm | Sparkling pop with Estraden in Kajskjul 105

4.15 pm – 5.15 pm | Jens Lekman and the Burnstein Orchestra take the Outdoor Stage

5 pm – 9.30 pm | DJ Nessa plays soulful and melodic electronic music on Soldäcket

5.30 pm – 6 pm | Shooting star Jackie Mere performs in Kajskjul 105

6 pm – 7.15 pm | 400 choir singers perform song from Sting’s musical The Last Ship on the Tent Stage. Narrator: Stina Wollter, vocal soloists: Åsa Fång, Philip Jalmelid and Jacob Andréas.

7 pm – 8.30 pm | Matilda Sjöström (Steget and Det Brinner), Amanda Werne (Slowgold), Klara Goliger, Alice B and Lovisa Samuelsson performs under the name Gothenburg Allstars in Kajskjul 105

7.30 pm – 9 pm | The metal band from Gothenburg The Halo Effect takes the Outdoor Stage

8.30 pm – 11 pm | DJ Rough Lynx celebrates Gothenburg with the best of afrobeat, reggae and dancehall in Kajskjul 105

9.15 pm – 10.45 pm | The iconic rock band Europe closes Gothenburg’s Anniversary Festival on the Tent Stage

9.30 pm – 11 pm | Daniel Lemma, Jaqee, Stina Velocette, Etzia and Slim Prince performs under the name Hot This Year Band in Kajskjul 105

The festival area

The stages

The area has three stages: The Tent Stage, the Outdoor Stage and Kajskjul 105, and five different food areas. These are Lindholmen Street Food Market, GG400, Blå Tältet, Kajskjul 105 and Älva.

Activities during the festival

On the festival grounds there are over 30 fun activities to try. At Upzone Adventure Park, you can, for example, try out the Nattduellen from the Swedish TV show Mästarnas Mästare, test your sense of balance and try walking on a tightrope or challenge the family in giant sack jumping. On the Climbing wall, the Volym Climbing gym offers an exciting challenge in the form of an eight-metre high tower where both adults and children can climb together and see who gets the highest. Read more about the activities in the Anniversary Calendar.

Food and beverages

Five different food areas will be available during the festival. These are Lindholmen Street Food Market, GG400, Stora Blå restaurant and café, Soldäcket and Älva. In addition, there will be several food trucks. Read more about the festival’s food selection here.

Anniversary shop and information tent

In the Anniversary shop, you can buy fine products produced by the Anniversary actors for the celebration of Gothenburg’s 400 years. Here you will find books, clothes, postcards, delicacies and much more – all with a connection to the city.

In the same place, you can also ask questions about the festival, as well as take part in tourist information about Gothenburg.

Inauguration of Jubileumsparken and the new harbour pool

2–5 June, the Jubileumsparken and the new harbor pool are opened and inaugurated. In addition to bathing, there will be a series of activities connected to water, play and movement. Here you can take part in the entire program.

Full program at Prototyping Gothenburg

Prototyping Gothenburg starts the summer celebration with a packed program 1–5 June. On the festival grounds you will find Prototyping Gothenburg in the Omställninglabbet and at the marine allotment Flytevi. Read more about Prototyp Gothenburg and its program here.

More about Frihamnen

The festival will take place in Frihamnen, on Hisingen – only a 15 minute walk from the central station. This is an exciting area, where urban development is in full bloom. Historically, Frihamnen has been used as a harbour for banana import and ferry traffic, and is now on its way of becoming part of Gothenburg’s midpoint. In the future, Frihamnen will have apartments and offices for 17 000 people.

Hisingsbron, Jubileumsparken and Ringön

Several larger anniversary projects can be found in Frihamnen. The new bridge Hisingsbron is one of them. Read more about the bridge here. The park Jubileumsparken is also put in place due to the 400th anniversary. Take the opportunity to go for a swim in the harbour pools or play in the unique playground. Read more about Jubileumsparken here. Nearby, you’ll find Ringön – an industrial area which has bloomed with creative businesses. Read more about that anniversary project here.

Food and beverages for all tastes

At Gothenburg’s Anniversary Festival you’ll find everything from oyster bars to langos carts. From African soul food to cinnamon buns. From beer brewed in the neighbourhood of Majorna, to ice cream made in Partille. Something for all ages and tastes, quite simply. And almost everything with a clear connection to Gothenburg, such as local ingredients and menus that flirt with the city’s culture.

Bild: Happy Visuals

The festival’s food areas and food trucks

The festival has five food areas – all with different focuses and menus – as well as a number of food trucks that are on display in slightly different places in the area. All services have the same opening hours as the festival.

Food areas:


The popular food market at Lindholmen moves into the area during the festival days and fills 1800 square meters with food, bars, DJs, tattoo artists, board games for children and above all: a good atmosphere!

Street food from Asian, Mexican and American cuisine is served here, as well as crepes and desserts for those with a sweet tooth. In addition, there is an eatery that serves dishes that are popular with children.

Curious to try beer from one of Gothenburg’s microbreweries? Then this is where you should go – and browse among the offerings at Spike Brewery, Poppels Bryggeri, Majornas Bryggeri, Göteborgs Nya Bryggeri, Ocean, Odd Island, Billdale and Brewgineers.

Location: at the main entrance to the festival and in front of the Outdoor Stage.


Gothenburg’s largest seafood restaurant can be found at the Anniversary Festival! With a transparent roof, so you can see the sky, and right by the water, you can enjoy food from the sea, organic wine, schnapps and at the same time be entertained by activities that take place on the chef stage.

More specifically, there are oyster bars, an SOS bar (short for herring, cheese and schnapps) where you can buy cold dishes such as a herring platter and shrimp sandwich, as well as a piano bar. The larger kitchen serves hot food, such as moules frites, fish and chips, and a seafood stew inspired by the spice voyages of the East Indiaman Götheborg.

The Nordics’ first urban winery, Wine Mechanics, which is otherwise based in the neighbourhood of Gamlestan, will be on site so you can enjoy local wine.

Location: by the quay, between the ferry stop and the marine allotment.


This dining area is perfect for those who want to enjoy the entertainment from the Tent Stage while eating or drinking something.

The inspiration for the menu is taken from the city’s well-known hook. Here you will find hamburgers from 7’s street kitchen, focaccia-like pizza from Walk in the park, homemade sausage from Johan i hallen, shrimp sandwich and more.

Craving coffee? There is a coffee cart here, with outdoor seating from which you can see the Outdoor Stage.

Location: by the Tent Stage.


An all-vegetarian dining area, with a lawn, deckchairs and a built-up platform where you can sit and look out over the water and town.

Here you will find everything from food trucks and an aperol spritz bar, to a Way Out West greenhouse where you can book a table. Restaurant Gaffelkonst is also on site and serves brioche sandwiches with different fillings.

Inside Kajskjul 105 you will find two bars at the back of the premises.

Location: outside Kajskjul 105, by the water.


In the Älva food area is the Mixed Grill tent – a concept where you get a plate when you pay, and can then choose different side dishes from the prepared buffet and three proteins from the grill (of course there are vegetarian options).

There are also three food trucks, a pergola housing Pepsi and a Red Bull bar. No alcohol is served in this area.

Location: by the water, in front of the Tent Stage.

Bild: Happy Visuals


Holy Smoke – BBQ & smokers

Tikka Roti – Indian food

Nenas Foodtruck – Langos

Vi släcker din hunger – Dirty fries

Babemba Foodtruck – African Soulfood

Hermanos Tacokiosk – Tacos

Walk in the park – Pizza

Bogren & Bergs – Charcoal grilled chickens

Fish and chips UK

Smashed burgers US

Chebeb Chichi balkan

Sustainability thinking at all levels

Like the rest of the festival, the food and drink served will be well thought out from a sustainability perspective. To reduce food waste, half portions will be offered, and most of what is sold will be organic and/or locally grown. Disposable materials will be replaced as much as possible with reusable materials, and there will be water taps on site, so don’t forget your water bottle! Additionally, all eateries will offer vegan and vegetarian options.

Have a question about your festival visit?

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions here. If there is any question you don’t find the answer to, write to us on Facebook, Instagram or via 2023@goteborg.com.

When is Gothenburg’s Anniversary Festival?

The festival takes place June 2–5, 2023. It starts on a Friday and finishes on the Monday after. The festival is part of Gothenburg’s Anniversary Celebration which is going to continue the whole summer.

When does the festival area open and close?

Friday 15:00–23:00, Saturday 10:00–23:00, Sunday 10:00–23:00, Monday 11:00–23:00

Do I need to buy a ticket?

No ticket is required. The festival is free of charge and open for all.

Is there an age limit?

No, people of all ages are welcome.

How do I get to the festival site?

We recommend walking, biking or taking public transport. The nearest stops are Frihamnsporten and Frihamnen (good to know is that there is a stair up and down to the stop Frihamnen). In addition to this, during the days of the festival, there will be an electric ferry going between Stenpiren and the site, free of charge.

Will I have to pay for anything?

Most activities at the festival will be free of charge and open for all. You will need to pay for food and beverages purchased from the festival’s restaurants.

Who do I contact regarding press and media?

Contact our press officer Charlott Holmåker at charlott.holmaker@goteborg.com.

Didn’t Gothenburg celebrate its 400th anniversary in 2021?

Gothenburg turned 400 the 4th of June, 2021. Due to the pandemic, the big celebration was postponed to 2023. Instead, a formal and digital celebration was carried out on the official birthday, 4th of June, 2021. This summer we will finally celebrate together.


There are several ways to get to the festival. See below for an option that suits you.

Free electric ferry

To the festival, you can take the free electric ferry 287 from the station Stenpiren and get off in the middle of the festival area. The ferry runs during all festival opening hours and no ticket is needed.


Tram 5, 6, 10 and 13 go to the Frihamnen tram stop. Please note that there are only stairs to and from the Frihamnen tram stop. At västtrafik.se you can easily search for a suitable route.


Buses 16, 16X, 31, 45, 58, 121, 176, 177, 310 and 320 stop at the Frihamnsporten bus stop. However, only buses 16, 31, 58 operate on Saturday and Sunday. To find out which bus suits you, you can search for a route on västtrafik.se or via Västtrafik’s app.


From town, you can walk across the Hisingsbron and either take the stairs or the elevator that leads down to the festival area. From Hisingen you can get to the festival from several directions. NOTE: THE ELEVATORS FROM HISINGSBRON ARE CLOSED FROM AND THROUGH SUNDAY JUNE 4TH AND UNTIL FURTHER.


There are newly built bicycle lanes to the festival area with designated bicycle parking spaces at the entrances.

Styr & Ställ and electric scooter

You can use Styr & Ställ, Voi, Ryde, Tier and Bolt to the festival area. There are marked parking lots where you can leave the vehicles.


We encourage everyone who can to get to the festival via the options above. The festival does not provide parking spaces, so you have to look for a free one outside the festival area.

Taxi address


Travel service adress

Gjutjärnsgatan 12


Gothenburg’s Anniversary Festival is located on a flat surface consisting of recycled asphalt gravel. There are three entrances: one via the ferry from Stenpiren, one from Hisingsbron via elevator and the main entrance via Frihamnen. NOTE: THE ELEVATORS FROM HISINGSBRON ARE CLOSED FROM AND THROUGH SUNDAY JUNE 4TH AND UNTIL FURTHER.

The festival provides

  • Getting off and getting on
  • Parking with a permit requirement for persons with disabilities. These lie approximately 30 – 100 meters from the main entrance, as well as next to the entrance under the bridge Hisingsbron.
  • Large toilets are available in the festival’s three toilet areas
  • Allowed assistance dogs: guide dog, service dog and signal dog
  • Ramps are available on all stages
  • Specific spots for wheelchair users are available at all stages

In the festival area you will find

  • Information tent
  • Five serving areas
  • Three scenes
  • Lounge area
  • Activity area
  • Prototyping Gothenburg’s Omställningslab
  • Circus tent

Get to Frihamnen

We recommend that you do not take the tram to the Frihamnen stop if you have any problems going up or down stairs. Instead, we recommend a bus to the Frihamsporten stop or the electric ferry, which is free, from Stenpiren which takes you directly to the festival area.

Travel service adress

Gjutjärnsgatan 12

Contact person for questions regarding accessibility

Yekaterina Toro Marin, yekaterina.toro.marin@goteborg.com

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Gothenburg’s Anniversary Festival
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