Jubileumssatsningar / The Friendship Path
23 April 2014

Humans are wired to tell their story through art. Patterns, weaving and tapestry tell the story of humanity. We can tell the story of Göteborg through the art and symbols of the diverse group of people who built the city.

The Göteborg 400 Friendship Path will use these unique patterns in a mosaic artwork to celebrate the rich history of Sweden and how the Swedish identity has been shaped and continues to redefine itself. It will reflect on the fact that it is the citizens who built and developed Göteborg together.

In many cultures laying a red carpet means honoring the guest. Our “carpet” will be a medley of traditional patterns into a 35m-long mosaic path crossing part of Drottningstorget from the zebra crossing to the manhole.

This installation is a welcome gesture and will contribute to:

  • An opportunity for people to witness Sweden’s rich cultural heritage outside of a museum.
  • An opportunity for traditional artisans to guide contemporary artists in displaying their culture through their designs.
  • An opportunity for the city to work with diverse groups and for them to showcase their art and join the conversation on multiculturalism.
  • A constant reminder of the world we live in today and the world we are creating for tomorrow.

Alongside this friendship path a communication project will be created to promote the values that fuel this project including the production of merchandizing items and educational materials for children to learn about their neighbors.

The Friendship Path fits with the expressed values of Goteborg 400 of sustainable growth, human rights and democracy. This commemorative project also includes Goteborg in the present conversation about diversity and multiculturalism around the world.


Marie Ange Sylvain-Holmgren,



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